Smartphone and Tablet

You can register for a free Android™ Smartphone and free Android™ Tablet, along with free service.
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    Android™ smartphone and Android™ Tablet. Brand/Model/Specs are dependent upon availability at the time that we fulfil your order.

Order as soon as you're able

All tablets and phones in this first shipment will be ready for pickup at Veteran Service Dogs after 1300 on Thursday, 9 November, 2023. Please fill out and submit the form no later than 1700 on Monday, 6 November, 2023 to get yours. This program will be offered while supplies last, so the sooner you get your information in, the more likely you will be to get in on it.


A big Thank You to Donavon (with Sebastien) for getting us included in this opportunity for our Veterans !!! Way to go brother !!


Most Veterans enrolled in the Service Dog program at Veteran Service Dogs are eligible to get a Free Smart Phone AND a Free Tablet. The service will also be free for the life of the program. The Veteran pays nothing for the phone, nothing for the tablet, and nothing for the monthly service. The smart phones and tablets are Android™ devices (brand and model are based upon availability). The only requirements to qualify are that the Veteran must be enrolled in the Service Dog Program at Veteran Service Dogs, and a disabled veteran with a service connection with VA (rating can be ZERO or higher). If you're enrolled at VA but do not have any rating yet, there will be a program for you as well, but at a later date.


The smart phones and tablets will be activated on the T-Mobile network (new phone numbers will be assigned). There are no call restrictions. It is unlimited talk and text. It is also "unlimited data" (8GB/month at 5G/4G, then stepped down to 3G speed for the remainder of the month). Unlimited international voice includes calls to 4 Countries at no cost (we assume that is the United States, Mexico, Canada, and another Country, but will get more details). It is listed as the "Truly Unlimited Plan" on T-Mobile. You can use the phone as a safety/backup phone, or as your primary phone (your choice). The only service requirement is you have to make at least one phone call per month on the smart phone, and use some data on the tablet each month for the service to stay active.

After we complete your order

After we have completed your order, you will receive a couple emails from TrueConnect. One of them will contain your account number. Another will offer a Amazon Prime trial (You do not need to accept this offer to be qualified). The first email will tell you to expect another email once you're approved, and the item has shipped. Ignore this, as we are delivering in person at the center, and we will contact you if there is any problem with your application. Another email will tell you that you were charged $10.00 for the smartphone account, and $12 for the tablet account. Do NOT worry about this. This is what was billed to us, but it was waived. You will owe nothing.
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