Veterans and their families shouldn't have to worry about being able to pay for the care they need.

Make no mistake, the Veterans that we serve need a service animal. The dog provides many services and performs many tasks that aid the Veteran in living a more fulfilling and accessible life.

Many organizations charge $25,000 or more to provide the training necessary for a dog to become a service dog. Veteran Service Dogs, as a non-profit organization, guarantees that your service dog and their training is provided at absolutely no cost to the Veteran.

We are able to provide this service to our Veterans free of charge because of the generous contributions of our supporters.


Our service dogs are professionally trained in conjunction with their handler. The veteran's specific needs will be accommodated with personalized task training. Furthermore, our dogs will be registered with the State of Michigan once they graduate from our program. The dogs are required to pass multiple tests in order to graduate our training program.


AKC Canine Good Citizen

Required to graduate


Public Access Certification (PAC)

Required to graduate


Once a team has graduated, we will assist them with getting registered with the State of Michigan Department of Civil Rights. While this service is voluntary with the State, we require it of all of our teams. Once registered, you will receive an identification card from the State of Michigan. This card can be used to guarantee access to public locations that are required by the ADA to provide access to you and your service animal.

While there are companies that provide identification cards, they have no merit. The State of Michigan requires the applicant to provide paperwork proving that the animal has been properly trained, and that the handler has a disability that requires a service animal. Both of these are required to be truly protected under the ADA. The State identification card is conclusive proof that the handler and dog team have met those requirements.